A quick trip over west…

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After a day of behavioural safety workshop facilitation on a ropes course in Aberdeen I drove over to Skye in the evening. I must admit there were a few close calls with our antlered friends as there are plenty of Deer about at the moment milling around near the roads. It’s definitely worth keeping an extra eye out and taking more care!


So on Tuesday I was guiding John, Andy and Richard on the ridge. Given the weather was set to deteriorate at lunchtime we planned for heading toward the Inaccessible Pinnacle and then a section of the ridge to finish.


Andy, Richard and John on their way up onto the Cullin Ridge.


IMG_7440John topping out on the Inaccessible Pinnacle after battling the wind and sleet.

The ascent was mild and dry with good views but by the time we reached the top of the ridge the wind speed rose and sleet, hail and rain came in. The three did well to battle the gusts of wind whilst climbing the narrow section of the pinnacle and then the murkiness on the ridge travelling north.

Richard following the guys to the top.

IMG_7460Absolving off the pinnacle.




A mirky traverse along the ridge…


Given that they had a window of a few days holiday that have certainly packed in plenty of adventures!