Battling the heat on Ben Lawers

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I was working for Stuart Johnston (Climb Mts) on Thursday and Friday this week on a Summer Mountain Leader Training course.

Someone obviously paid the good weather supplement as the sun and heat made us work hard both days.  We were in the Ben Lawers area camping amidst the many shielings, sheep and deer that were about.

It was a bit of a battle for the group to keep taking on fluids especially on the second day as our route took across the Lawers ridge where water was scarce at the best of times.

I’ll be working more ML courses with Climb Mts in the coming weeks so keep an eye out!

Rest break! (there were plenty of these).

Looking north from the slopes of the Lawers group with one of the many Shielings in the area in the foreground.

Man’s needless over scarring of the natural landscape!


Happy to be at the top, sitting down or because they’re getting their photo taken?

Making our way across the tops to Ben Lawers (centre background).

View from the col at the west end of the ridge.
The view from the tent at 11pm before getting ready for night navigation (it didn’t get too much darker than this all night).

We figured at a rough estimate over the 36 hours our ascent and descent totalled at least 5600 metres.