Fundamentals indoors and out

This weekend I have been busy both indoors and out.  On Saturday I was delivering a FUNdamentals of Climbing 1 at Perth High School for Students from the University of the Highlands and Islands amongst others.


Warming up and aerobic activity.


Precise and accurate footwork practise.

The group soaked up the information and ideas which was brilliant to facilitate as they were all really keen to develop their understanding of the key Fundamental principles to use them in their own climbing as well as their work with others.  If you are interested in getting on one of these courses head to for more information.


Rachel making sure she doesn’t make a sound!



Grant traversing without knocking off the thimbles…

On Sunday morning I was delivering the fundamentals of climbing to a client and their first experience of rock climbing on the Aberdeenshire coast.  Sandra was visiting the UK on work from South Africa and had some time to spare in which she wanted to get out and have an adventure.



Making the most of the friction on the granite.



Happy climbing or happy to be at the top?

After a few routes Sandra certainly felt the difference when taking into account some easy aspects of her climbing to think about and change.  Fancy getting out and giving rock climbing a go?  You don’t need any previous experience or equipment!


Sandra enjoying the sunshine between the showers.