FUNdas, Assessments and Training oh my!

After a blustery flight to Kirkwall on Thursday morning I have been busy with work in the Islands two main climbing walls.

Some PPE inspections and meetings at the Kirkwall Grammar School followed by Route setter assessments, Fundamentals of Climbing 1 on Friday and Climbing Wall Award Assessment with a CWA Abseil module Assessment on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone involved on the FUNdas for contributing so much!

Shark attack!
Centre of gravity and weight transfer.

The CWA and Abseil assessments went well too with 100% pass rate!  Just what we like.  So now Kirkwall has six new CWA holders ready for action!

CWA group work.

Back home now for a quieter week with some Climbing Wall inspections and plenty of office work to keep me out of mischief!

Rigging at floor level for the abseil.
Al Halewood adopting an ‘alternative’ pose.
Coaching tips after the assessment.