Fundraising on the Gordon Way

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On Saturday 24th January a team from Capital Document Solutions tackled the Gordon Way in Aberdeenshire covering nearly 40 kilometres in support for Cash for Kids.  The Capital Document Solution team has information here.



Ice and fallen trees in the dark didn’t slow the team up much.



The route took them over the Bennachie range of hills and over to the Suie road overlooking the hills north of Alford.  With the conditions proving challenging for the team everyone managed well to keep each other psyched and up for the challenge.

Darkness, fallen trees, ice, snow, winds and the cold temperatures all took their toll throughout the course of the day.



The snow cover gave the walk an extra level of challenge along with the ice!





A cheer for the great weather!


It was great to work with the team who had varied hillwalking experience and had certainly not undertaken a long distance challenge of this sort before.



Walking with the rising sun at our backs.





Well done to all in completing the route and raising over £3,000 for a very worthwhile north east charity.  There will definitely be some stiff and sore bodies following the challenge!


For more information on how you can help out Cash for Kids go to their webpage here.