In the water in the rain and on the rock in the sun!

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This past weekend I have been in the gorge at the Lin of Dee working with Adventure First.  We had almost 30 Scouts and Leader in the water for what were quite low wage levels.  There were still plenty of slides, jumps and trips through the waterfalls.

Today I was out on the North East sea cliffs south of Aberdeen with Alma, Ian and Neil for the day.  The three already have plenty of indoor climbing experience and some outdoor.  They spent the day looking into how to become self sufficient to set up bottom rope systems on various crags.

Their aim was to have a good level of confidence to crack on and get lots of climbing done on days off and in the evenings after work without having to stress themselves with lead climbing.  Good on them!  The weather certainly held as we went to a number of spots along the coast.

Rigging for the climb.

Alma making her way up Quartz Deviant (Severe).

Moving off from the slab on Twisted Crack (HVS 5a*).

Neil, Ian and Alma all in search of anchors at Deceptive wall.