Maybe some of the only dry rock in Scotland!

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Silvia, Mike and I made a break through the doom and gloom of the cloud and rain of Aberdeenshire towards the Moray coast yesterday.

The direction of the wind favored Logie Head allowing us to keep out of the worst of the wind most of the day (except topping out).  The rain held off for the most part and didn’t cause too much of a problem.
Mike and Silvia having a play with some kit.
Silvia was out looking to get the mileage in on the trad routes before getting on the lead; whilst Mike was experiencing rock climbing for the first time.  Throughout the day we focussed on getting on the routes to push the comfort zone a little.  Between the cranking I gave some coaching into footwork and movement principles with some technical topics throughout the day.
Mike making a reach.
Silvia enjoying the nice rock at Logie Head.

A good day considering the weather was so bad everywhere else and it showed when the crag became quite busy for a few hours at lunchtime. Not many pics today as we were just too busy keeping moving!
Topping out.