Improvers Rock Climbing

Getting past the initial learning of climbing outdoors and becoming self sufficient follows an Introductory course.  If you wish to progress your climbing experience into Lead Climbing and at some point Multi-pitch climbing an Improvers Course is ideal as a natural progression.

The Improvers Rock Climbing course builds on the existing skills of climbing outdoors in a bottom and top rope situation to introduce Lead climbing and more complex anchor setups.

Lead climbing is a lot more of a serious affair than bottom or top rope climbing with regards to risk.  We embrace this and ensure that our teaching methods and each client’s safety are paramount and of the highest quality.

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Course content:

  • Re-cap of existing skills including
    • anchor selection and setup,
    • movement on rock,
    • core climbing technical skills,
  • Additional skills involved with lead climbing and lead belaying,
  • Route selection in relation to guidebook grading, description, weather conditions and climber,
  • Selecting equipment such as nuts, hexes, cams etc. for use on the climb,
  • Overall performance on the climb using the TTPP model,
  • Building existing skills into the lead climbing setting,
  • Retreating from a crag/setting up a retrievable abseil.

Previous experience:

  • Some outdoor climbing,
  • Ability to set up bottom/top rope set ups including having placed Rock protection,
  • Or have attended our Introduction to Rock Climbing course and have used those skills.