Personal climbing development

By taking a progressive approach over four weeks our sessions ensure that your climbing ability and fitness are set to improve.  These sessions build on the one off climbing coaching sessions to deliver a longer term series of coaching sessions and development plans tailored to each participant.  They are guaranteed to get improve your fitness and get you psyched for more!

Sessions are suited to the climber and progressive plans are discussed to cater for your lifestyle.


The program includes 4 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions spread over 6 weeks.  The initial session includes a personal review and plan.  The following 5 weeks are used to work to the aims and objectives set without the need for a coach. The scheduled sessions are used to increase performance and enhance the development plan as you improve.

Course content:

  • Basic through to advanced movement skill coaching
  • Enhancement of existing and development of new climbing skills
  • Applying techniques through use of skill
  • Adapting to use your own style in different situations and on different routes
  • Video review and feedback
  • Tools to use when climbing with peers
  • Personal development plan

Previous experience:

  • Any climbing experience regardless of duration (not essential),
  • You must be free from and not recovering form any injuries that may worsen due to climbing.


Equipment required:

  • Sport/active clothing,
  • Rock shoes if already owned (available to hire),
  • Harness, belay and krab if already owned,
  • Harness, belay and krab available as part of the course fee if you do not already have.

The cost of this course reflects the ratio of 1:1.  There is a small supplement for a 1:2 ratio due to the additional time taken for personal review and the production of development plans.