Rope Skills & Self Rescue

Being out with your partner on the crag when something doesn’t quite go to plan can be a daunting thought.  Using techniques that many of us already know and adding in some creative uses of the equipment carried we can solve these issues should they arise.

Self reliance and simplicity are our focus points.



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Course content:

  • Review of anchor point attachment and belaying at a stance,
  • Personal abseiling using self protection,
  • Rescue techniques such as hoist systems – assisted and unassisted hoists, and escaping the system,
  • Ascending and descending a fixed rope,
  • Developing a ‘simple solutions to complex problems’ process,
  • Evacuating the crag with a casualty.

Previous experience:

Rock climbing experience some of which could be lead climbing.


Equipment required:

  • Sport/active clothing,
  • Harness, helmet, belay and krab if already owned,
  • Harness, helmet, belay and krab available as part of the course fee if you do not already have,
  • Any other rock climbing equipment you would normally use (your rack).

Price shown is for a full day.  Half days available.