Self rescue and problem solving

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Today I was working not the coast delivering self rescue and problem solving skills for Charlie, Nick, Calum and Malcolm.


After a drizzly and cold start the day brightened up with blue skies and sunshine.  We were looking at various real word scenarios that climbers may be faced with in their exploits out and about.  These included; hoists for a climber in trouble, passing a knot on an abseil, escaping the system etc.



Personal abseilling.




Ascending the rope over a longer distance using prussiks.


Passing a knot on an absel.


Escaping the system (in a methodical manner…)


The team were filled to the brim with information by the end of the day and all had lots to take away with them knowing that they have a better idea of how to deal with incidents chou,d they occur.  More importantly they have a bette idea of how to avoid them (and the hassle they cause!).