The good and the bad (weather) on Skye

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After travelling across to Skye on Thursday afternoon I met up with the ‘uDare‘ group organised by Wayne in the pub at Slichagan.  The group of seven in total were all from either London or Kent and looking for some exposure to the Scottish mountain environment.    
With the weather looking like our best day would be Friday it left Saturday with low cloud and drizzly rain forecast.  We made for Blaven (Bla Bheinn) and set off form the car park at 10am.  The weather gave us a brilliant day with spectacular views only broken by some clouds by the time we reached the upper slopes.
The lower tracks leading towards the basin.

(Keen bean) Mary waiting on the others to surmount the difficulties.

Looking south.

Photo opportunity!

The gang having summited Blaven with the Cullin ridge in the background.

The descent was a little slower as the loose rock and scree patches proved difficult for those not used to such conditions.  Carefully however, we made it down and back to the car park in good time stopping every so often for a bite to eat and more importantly on a day like Friday; water!

Slow progress through the loose path and scree.

Saturday was a stereotypical Highland day with eh low cloud, waves of rain and drizzle and at times a glimmer of blue sky that never quite amounts to anything.  To give us the best views we kept to a lower height and to a stroll up the path to the Old Man of Storr and had a look at the fantastic geological formations in the area.  A quick drive up the coast and we were back out again looking at some historical and environmental aspects of the landscape including crofting, farming, clearances and much more.

Saturday’s visibility at the Old Man of Storr (background).

Once everyone was suitably damp we headed for base camp and I hit the road to return back home to Aberdeen.