Traverse wall training

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I’ve been up at St. Gerardines Primary school recently carrying out some work on behalf of Dream Climbing Walls.  The training consisted on warm ups, games and fundamental coaching movement techniques.
Restricting movement (the angel like halo left, as well as foam balls in the hands right).

Not everything needs to be about the climbing!

Racing games are great for warming up and memory when combined with colour touching.

How well did the teaching staff do at making shapes?

Extra curricular activities…

Over the course of the day the staff gained a lot of ideas to use in their break time and class time sessions with the children ranging from Primary 1 to 7 (and maybe as a wee staff treat too i think)!
As always, there’s a lot of benefit in bringing your own experience and ideas to such sessions and i believe the school will benefit greatly from the use of the traverse wall.  The staff have a number of ideas already as to how to link in even simple sessions into potential learning points that they are looking at in the classrooms; well being, shapes, adding, subtracting, communication etc.  The list is endless.